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Spinning vs. Running – Which Is Better?

Spinning vs. Running – Which Is Better?

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Both running on treadmill and spinning (indoor cycling) have their own pros, and both go a long way towards improving your cardiovascular health and maintain the best fitness you want. Many people swear one or the other but however, depending on your goals the two exercises are definitely very different and one might better suit for you.

Comparing the Calorie Burn

Now in terms of calories we compare both treadmill and spin bike. A 30 minute treadmill running session at 7mph for a 155lb adult will burn approximately 350 calories. The same size adult will burn around 250-280 in 30 minutes on a spin bike at a steady pace. But however a Spinning class is much more intense than any other exercises to but your expected calories which are 400-600 calorie if you push yourself hard. On a research a 160 pound person can burn over 5–600 calories per hour at the leisurely pace of 5mph. Now increase the speed to 8mph and that figures jumps to over 800 calories per hour and that’s a whole lot of calories.

Running on treadmill

According to spinning.com an average 40 minutes class of 80-110 rpm is equivalent to approximately 15-20 miles on the road. Therefore spinning on a bike is more likely to burn more calories due to environment. Yet using intervals in your treadmill also increase your metabolic rate and interval also brings the training great way to ramp up the calories which burned in that session. This means that if you stopped your activity your metabolism is ramped up from the session. Your metabolic rate also increases by interval after your exercise which means, that even after you have stopped your activity your metabolism is ramped up from the session.


Mind Your Posture

Exercise on spin bike can also be bad for your posture. Due to the stance which you need to be in alongside the activation of the quadriceps, you can get a very tight hips and a bad back. Instead of curving or arching keeping a neutral spine at the lower back is very important to maintain a strong and healthy spine. Stretching out your legs after your session is a very good idea.


Consider Your Joints

Spinning vs. Running – Which Is Better?

Cycling is also very gentler on the joints. For people who had experience ankle, hip or knee pain during ruing on a treadmill can put great stress upon different areas of the body. If you are landing your heel first this pressure increase drastically and it always very important to land with you forefoot first. Then follow through with your heel by rolling your sole. Otherwise serious joint injuries can be developed easily so you have to take care of your forefoot. Cycling does not have this effect as there is no impact on the lower body.


 Build Muscle

The great way to build muscle on your leg is by doing work on a spinning bike which activates your quadriceps which makes good muscles on your legs. Many people who frequently compete in the bike races have very large thighs and calf muscles. Spinning bike make your lower body parts strong like your legs muscles. This makes it perfect for anyone from pro football to normal people whom are trying to improve the aesthetic of their lower body.


Cross-training – Do Both!

If you are trying to improve your aerobic fitness or lose some weight then cross training routine can be very good for you. This means that each time you go to exercise you choose a different method. Monday might be spinning while Wednesday could be running then back to spinning on Friday.

Throwing in a bit of swimming as well because swimming is the best exercise which build your stamina and you can get maximize the reward you get across your whole body. Those who only runs may tend to develop knee problems, where as those who only spin can develop poor posture and  thigh hips from the forward lean. So the answer may be to mix them up.


At the end of the day both indoor cycling and running on a treadmill can be very good for all fitness goals. IF you tend to experience join problem in your lower body then indoor cycling will be better option for you. If you are more prone to rounding your back and maintaining your posture problem then you, might want to think about running instead.

A cross training regime you to utilize both cardio methods either running on a treadmill or indoor cycling alongside others such as swimming can be the best you can reap various different rewards without any side effect cause by repetitive strain. If you pay a sport then choose whichever will transfer the best. Cycling will be better for rugby and running will be better fort football and athletics and power sports.


Choose the best exercise which suits to your body and make sure that it’s something you enjoy and nothing that can commit to. If you choose one because it burns 50 calories over the other even through you hate it will mean you well give up after while anyway. Choose the best exercise which you can do best and do for a long time.


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