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How Many Calories Are Burned on a Spin Bike in 30 Minutes?

How Many Calories Are Burned on a Spin Bike in 30 Minutes?

You cannot go wrong with this gym standby and not only are spin bike great for all fitness level but they are also perfect tool for accomplishing your daily exercise goal.

In fact a workout of 30 minutes on spin bike can easily burn your 300 or more calories. It depends on your intensity and you might be in your living room but the exercise machines offers the same calories burning benefits of long bike ride. It also starting kicking metabolism for faster weight loss paired with a healthy diet, of course.

Spinning into Shape

Spinning bikes are also known as stationary bike which are hugely popular now a days. Heard of Soul Cycle yet? IF you have not there’s a studio coming to your town soon.

Spinning classes are also accessible because of the equipment needed for them is just minimal and classes provide a low impact cardiovascular exercise which burn a lot of your calories .

You just need to make a schedule of your daily exercise routine and do workout of30 minutes minimum on your spin bike and it’s up to you either you want to go gym for that or burn calories at your home on your spin bike.

Spin bikes often include built-in resistance controls which can be charged according to each participant’s fitness level and raising the resistance to mimic going uphill or lowering it to pedal faster but more easily.

This allows people of all levels to ride together in group settings while still you are getting an intense workout. Some Spin bike allows riders to track calories burned which can help them set goals for the intensity of each workout.

How Many Calories Are Burned on a Spin Bike in 30 Minutes?

How to Maximize Calorie Burn on the Bike

One of the best ways to burn calories is to do intense workout on your stationary bike or hit your maximum strength to burn more calories. The idea is that you peal as fast as you can for a short amount of time at a high resistance and then lower the resistance and speed for a recovery time then and repeat.


The Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse tested 15 adults doing 20 minutes of high intensity interval exercise and found that calories burning were maximized when participants pushed themselves hard to their absolute limits.

You should feel extremely uncomfortable. If you are not exhausted by the end of this workout you are doing it right. You just need to get motivated about your health and fitness and give your absolute power o achieve your fitness goal.

How uncomfortable should you be? It basically means out of the saddle sprinting at multiples doing 1 25-30 minutes workout. The study found that calorie burning during HIIT training peaked at 15 calories per minutes you just need to make a schedule of your daily routine workout qand pushing yopurself during intervals could help you to burn off a max of 450-calores in 30 minutes.


Burning Legs, Burning Calories


Hammering away on the spin bike? You are engaging the calf, quadriceps, core and arm muscles which increase the rate at which exercise burn out your maximum calories. However the rate varied from person to person and a person can burn less or more depending on effort expended, diet how much resistance is applied and overall fitness level.


Tip: You just need to make a schedule and a diet plan first and while starting your training start pedaling slowly to make a rhythm and then give your full strength and do it hard to burn your maximum calories even you can burn 400-600 per hour. That’s may be why spinning fans are sun devotes of their classes.


The Science behind the Spin

We all have seen those people at the gym pedaling steadily for 45 minutes but there’s evidence that a 30 minutes HIIT workout can maximize calories burn better than a longer workout.

A study by Angelo Tremblay of the Physical Activity Sciences Laboratory at Laval University found that the decrease is fat was nine fold greater in your young adults who used shorter, high intense workout than longer endurance training.


The good news is that spin bike is just perfect for these kinds of high-intensity intervals exercise. They offer a low impact workout and the ability to change easily the resistance in order to get into moderate-to high-intensity training zone.

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