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The Best Action Camera in 2017

The Best Action Camera

After spending 2 days of testing the latest action cameras we have find out some interesting action cameras over the pat three years which include hiking through the rain attaching them to cars and bicycles and even mounting them on a dog playing on a beach and from all the camera we think GoPro Hero5 Black is the best action camera for most people. So look at The Best Action Camera in 2017 which we brings for u

The video output is crisp, smooth and clear with vivid color. It’s also the first GoPro with the waterproofing built in function so unlike with the other cameras you would not need a case to take it for swimming and other innovative is its useful features such as voice control and a user friendly touch screen interface which is far better fort framing shots and quickly changing the setting than the monochrome lCD on the Sony which really push this GoPro ahead of the pack

  1. GoPro Hero5 Black

The best action camera for most people


Come for the great-looking footage, stay for the nifty extras: waterproofing, a smart touchscreen interface, voice control, and electronic image stabilization.

The Hero5 Black builds on the success of its ancestor the Hero4 Silver with its new feature that is significantly enhance its usability and with its built in waterproofing it is become the most  important addition since its mean you can shoot anywhere anytime without any waterproof case because this case has a built in waterproofing system which the owner will also appreciate the camera’s emoti9onal touch screen interface the image stabilization and voice control and its relative bargain too but despite the expanded feature set the new flagship GoPro costs $100 less than Hero4 Black.

  1. Sony FDR-X3000

For stabilized 4K footage and the best video quality possible


With optical image stabilization and impressive high-bit-rate recording options, the X3000 is for anyone who values the sharpest image over mounting flexibility and ease of use.

If you want a camera with a silky smooth 4k footage and care more about the quality of video with ease of use then we suggest Sony FDR-X300 is best for you. In our test Sony’s optical stabilization system was more effective than any competing electronic system win the virtually situation and it also worked with 4k footage whereas other dose not. The Sony X3000’s is giving the overall best quality video among our test group with its superior sharpness and the great color from its unusual but powerful 16:9 imaging senor. But the camera is let down by the frustration button driven interface and Sony’s Lackluster is mouth on ecosystem. Its best for the people who would not mind by putting up with its eccentricities in exchange for the sharpest and possible shots.

3. Yi 4K Action Camera

Action on a budget


This Chinese newcomer delivers 90 percent of the Hero5 Black’s functionality at around half the price, for those on a budget who don’t need waterproofing.

The Yi 4K Action Camera is surprising cost the low price and newness to the market which might scare the buyers away but they would be missing out the great deal. This action camera delivers the competitively crisp 4k footage which includes all the same resolution and frames the rate options as the Hero-5 Black along with a well-designed touchscreen with the interface and a slick mobile app. However Yi cut a few corners o keep the cost down so that people will attract to it and also its waterproofing housing will cost you extra and when the camera is inside the Couse you cannot use the beautiful touch screen all you need to use your phone to change the settings.

The Best Action Camera in 2017

The Research


  • Why you should trust us
  • Who should buy one?
  • How we picked
  • How we tested
  • Our pick

Why you should trust us

I have been writing about camera for many years at different sites and i have been suffering from an acute case of GAS for roughly as long and i have spent my countless hours in the dark labs shooting the test charts and just as much time out in the field of putting cameras and camcorders through their paces. We have mounted at every attachable angle to a Kawasaki motorcycle and wound our way up to the mountains. WE have recorded the countless hours of footage worth action cams and fastened to dogs, dirt bike helmet sports cars chest sharp as and many more. We have done cliff jumping into water and taking the cameras go karting and even sent the GoPros up in the sky which attached to the drone and in short we can say we have spent a lot of time with them under both every day and extremely conditions.

Who should buy one?

If you are the person who spends a lot of time outdoors and want to be panel to relive his life crazy moments an action cam is essential for him.  What sets an action camera apart from other camera is its miniature size and wealth of mounting the options when it compared with a point and shoot a DSLR or a video camera which makes the action cameras uniquely suited to capturing footage from a first person perspective. An action camera has a very wide variety of angle lens which it can capture as much of the slopes or racetrack as you want and you can mount it to a helmet fasten it to the tip of surfboard attach it to a hockey stick which sit it atop a tripod standing super close to the action which however unlike a rugged camera an action camera does not have an optical zoom which you see is what you record. But rugged cameras lack the mounting abilities with wide angles lens and compact nature of an action camera and they are also typically designed to capture the stills first foremost while other video is where the  action camera shine


How we picked

It’s been a long time since we have selected the GoPro Hero4 Silver as our previous pick for most of the people and since then we have gotten our hands on a suite of cameras for testing the numerous action cameras which have been announced since our last update and ultimately we called in only five to test. Our ideal action camera has a band of mounting options with easy to yes controls and an excellent video quality with a decent WIFI/Bluetooth functionally and with addition to a top tier action the cam must offer multiple frame rates to choose from which include at least 1080/60p though 4k/30p which is becoming quickly the norm and after researching the available mode we have settled on testing the GoProf Hero5 Black, Garmin Verb Ultra 30, Sony FDR-X3000, Sony HDR-AS300 and YI 4K Action Camera

Many camera which we considered failed to meet our criteria as they had poor resolution or frame-rate options with the insufficient battery life or big and heavy designs and in other case we have skipped the models because we had tested them for previous version of this guide which we already found them lacking.


How we tested


Action cameras awes designed for use in all sorts of condition and we would test  our models through as many challenges as possible to gauge their toughness video quality and usability which the real world situations shows and a good action can should respond well to changing light by cope well with water and a dust to handle the vibrations and its remain easy to use when you are engaged in arduous physical activity . My first test was to strap the each camera to my car with an industrial grade suction cup mount and then drive up and down with the road to Ski Santa Fe at the sunset where the twisting road passes through stands of tall trees and winds across vast open areas so it will provided you an ever changing array of bright and dim light which stressed to each camera’s ability to adjust exposure on the fly and it’s not the smoothest road in the world wither which allowed us to judge how effectively each model used image stabilization to smooth out the  motion blur.

The next i took the cameras on uphill hike through the temperate rainforests of Washington Olympic national park by getting pelted by endless perception in the process and this test gave me the great opportunity to gauge how easy or difficult it was to adjust the camera settings under adverse conditions and i also tested the voice control on the model that had it yelling at them against noisy rain and crashing rapids. Then i dunked each camera into a cloud mountain to make sure the waterproofing worked as advertised.

I strapped a camera to my dogs back and took him to dog beach she he romped for hours in the surf and in my opinion there is no tougher challenge for image stabilization than a running shaking, panting dong with a camera GoPro on his back definitely got a serious workout and back in Santa fe  i took the other test subject to the local dog ark do gave them, similar treatment . I also strapped the camera to mu head while i driving my car clamped them on my wrist while changing the tire and used them handled to record my family moments and generally picked them up whenever the moment called for it. In doing so i also downloaded each manufacturer’s app and checked out how difficult it was to connect a phone to each camera and how much control the each app gave over via shooting setting and most of app offers the sharing option which they held and i also tried out each brand’s desktop app and editing tool where its available.


Our pick



  1. GoPro Hero5 Black

The Best Action Camera in 2017 for most people


Come for the great-looking footage, stay for the nifty extras: waterproofing, a smart touchscreen interface, voice control, and electronic image stabilization.

The GoPro Black combines the everything we loved about our previous GoPro silvers also has an excellent video quality and intuitive touch screen interface with the new pro features t made the high-end Hero4 Black our upgrade pick with  is most notably 4k video. Then it’s up the ante with its built in waterproof system and image stabilization and voice control which wrapping everything ion a small and convenient package .Best of all it costs the same as Hero4 Silver despite with all new features. All of that adds up to the best action camera for most people. While the Hero5 black video quality is more than good enough for most of the users that’s why it’s the first one on our list


The touch screen U1 is vitally important since it’s how most of the people will interact with the Hero5 Black and GoPro nailed this iteration and its more polished more intuitive and simply enjoyable to use than Hero4 Silver which we already like and it also provides the direct access to all of the mist used settings which include the shooting mode resolution frame rate and its view of field. The Battery status is always visible too which swiping from the left bring up to the playback menu and while swiping from the right access its additional shooting setting such as ProTune adjustment and stabilization and audio control system,. Swiping down from the top produces less used options and like screen lock and voice controls the plus deeper menus for WIFI and its basic device settings

Much omits into sin replicated on the small monochrome from LCD so you can check double at a glance and you can also use the smaller screen to change the menu options when you have underwater or otherwise its unable to use the touchscreen by simply pressing the power mode and recording buttons at the same time and its great backup system which means you will never be stuck and unable to adjust a vital settings.

The touchscreen display is very important for another reason that it helps you to accurately frame the shots since it acts as a live view monitor. The Sony FDS does not have a live view screen relying instead on a paired of smartphone or a wrist mounted live remote. That’s a far less convenient setup in the everyday use .The Sony X300 and its cheaper sibling the HDR AS300 are the only cameras we have tested and find out lack of touchscreen and during our test they suffered for it in everyday use.

The touch screen display is important for another reasons it helps you to accurately frame the shots since its acts as a live view monitor the Sony FDR-X300.Altough the Hero5 Black’s touchscreen interface is not the smoothest we have ever use the cheaper Yi-4k actually has a slightly more responsive screen. We had only a few moments during the testing when we surged under our breath at a mistook or felt like annoyances at screen lag . The touch response was reasonably good and when the screen was wet to which is critical since the hero5 Black is the first GoPro that’s the waterproof without a case.

IN our test the Hero5’s clips were reliably sharp and contrast with punch color and with its default setting. WHITE BALACNE TENDS TOWARS THE COOL SIDE which you can sap the energy and vitality from some scene but if necessary you can adjust it via ProTune menu. The lens is wide enough to uses the most features GoPro’s trademark fish-eye distortion the effect which is not excessive also if you want a straighter lines the new linear field of view option de-fishes the image in camera at the expense of some visual space at the edges of the frame. The Hero5 did not offers the best quality of video among the models we tested however the Sony FDR-X3000 was slightly sharper the Yi 4K HAD MORE ACCURATE OUT OF HE BOX COLOR AND WERE BETTER IN BOTH LOW LIGHT. In sharpness the Hero5 Black was not noticeably better than the already great Hero4 silver which is also appreciate by the people but the colors were more accurate and the contrast was also higher. WE suspect that the two cameras uses the same sensor with slightly adjustable image processing .Like the Hero4 the newest Goo offers a selection of huge resolutions which provide added flexibility and that you can choose anything from ultra-high -def. 4K down to standard def-480p and the frame return with a range from cinematic 24fps to ultra-slow mo. 240fps which depends on the resolution youy are using .Most of the people will probably shoot at 1080/30p, 1080/60p but it has a setting for virtually every situation and intended viewing platform.

Electronic stabilization is a new image feature for the GoPro series and ne that has been on users wish lists for yeas and in testing we have found that the system did the great job of smoothing out the low frequency vibration which sudden changes of direction and in some case it was nearly effective as the Sony FDR-X3000’s with more high frequency vibrations.

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