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The Samsung Gear 360

The Samsung Gear 360

The Samsung Gear 360 degree camera was released last year alongside the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge was decent camera spite with its flaws.

It was very obviously the first attempt by making a new kind of camera which shoots in 360-degree. Samsung will replace 4K or even 8K model. Let’s run through the basis the Gear 360-degree camera is easily affordable with a price of $349.There is two working lenses on either side of the camera and each lens support 190 degree resolution. You can use just one of these lenses if you want.

The super wide view could substitute for the look of an action camera in a pinch through it does not approach the versatility or quality of a GoPro or one of the Sony’s cameras. But the point is that the Samsung Gear shoot with both lenses and you can use either one of these lenses it depends on you

Each lens works with a 15-megapixel sensor, meaning the camera can shoot 3600degree photo with 30 megapixels resolution or 3840*1920 video.

This comes under 4K which puts the Samsung Gear 360-degree near the top of the market in terms of resolution for example other 360 camera such as Kodak and 360fly ,offer full 4K shooting while LG’s 360 cam and Ricoh’s Theta S shoot lower resolution footage.

It’s essential to note that 4K here does not mean the same s as it does when we are talking about regular 4k video. When Samsung and its 360-degree competitors use 4K the pixel spread around rage entire sphere.

At any given time when you are watching a 360-degree video you are only looking at a fraction of that which fully capture 4k and so the quality of the image with these camera can record is not on par traditional digital cameras and not even the ones in your smartphone.



The Samsung Gear 360 captures a higher-quality image then the most of its competitors like Kodak and 360fly might be able to sneak a few more pixels in but very all Gear 360 done a good job at balancing all the basics like dynamic range and good color correlation.

You can certainly see the ling where the two images get stitched away and its easy enough to mitigate. The photos come better especially in broad day light, There is only one problem that your option for sharing 360 photos are even more limited than with spherical video. Facebook is the best bet but they have to be live there completely so you cannot embed them around the internet like you can can with the 360 videos.

I liked the best thing in Gear 360 is how simple it is to operate. There are some settings to play with if you to fuss around it won’t take any experience of yours to take a good snap there a menu button those cycles through shooting modes and setting a power button and a black and red record button on top.

The shame is that Samsung has put barriers in the way which limit the value of the Fear 360 ease use. The first is that if you want to use it with a phone then it should be an upgraded phone which support it like Galaxy S7 .You can get by without that but only iof you have a PC, Samsung desktop software which lets you stitch and edit the footage is Window only.

The Samsung Gear 360

What really makes the Samsung Gear 360 belter than its forebear of the other problem which dragged of the last down the experience of the last one? The one biggest improvement is that the camera now stitches its video together automatically, where the previous Gear 360 leverage the processing power of users of S7 Edge and S7 to this an often long and finicky process




With the new Samsung Gear 360 it is as simple as connecting with your smartphone to the camera and picking which files you want to transfer and those transfer happen relatively fast with iPhone. It takes about one to two minutes per minute footage and even faster on a Samsung device,. But more importantly they can now happen in the background, which means you can leave the app while the footage is being sent over.

Now you can also charge the Samsung Gear 360 while transferring the footages, something that somehow was not possible with the last one.

Now you can even take more footage shots while transferring other files to your phone. Samsung took a number of steps to make this version of the Gear 360 more versatile and result is its much less of struggle to use. This version of Gear 360 battery life is batter this time around too.

You can expect about 1 percent of the internet battery to frap for every minute which you are filming, and about 1 percent of every two minutes of transferring footage, which gives you just approximately an hour and a half or more shooting time, and multiple hours’ worth to transfer all your files .It’s not as versatile as the removable battery on the first Gear 360, but its plenty enough for any casual user.

This Gear 360 is not much of a pro tool and so Samsung was smart to recognize its target is for more improvement, because the removable ditching helped Samsung thin camera down

. The orb shape of the first one made the thing easier to fumble. Just don’t let the tempt you into shooting the video they way the 360-degree video is at its best and when the camera is stable .

The slightest tips of the rotation to horizontal make it even more difficult for people to keep up with the action when they watch these videos.

The new Samsung Gear360 camera is slightly better but that has not changed the fact that it’s at its best when it set on a table or table and left alone while it records. This set is very easy to use, it shoots goof if not stunning, photos and videos and its finally compatible with your smartphone like iPhones.

Now what?

I am not sure the new Gear 360 is a fun toy to play with, but it still faces the two headed problem as same says that the old one fit .It challenging ti think up and shooting 360-degree videos, Just as it’s a bit of chore to watch them which remind me if the rally day of GoProp.

It’s clear that there is something to this new form which factor new technology,  But unless you are going skydiving or going on safari or snowboarding.  It can feel intimidating to try and capture and share with a camera like this.

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