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Ricoh Theta S best 360-degree camera

Ricoh Theta S best 360-degree camera

Ricoh Theta S captures the whole world around you with just a single shot. BY combining two lenses with fish eye arranged back-to-back, the camera can continuously grab a 360-degree spherical view and taking everything in front of and behind you can everything below and above too.

This newly announced Theta model is an update to the original version 2013 with very significant addition of a video support. You can now capture spherical 360 degree panoramic videos as well as still images.

This 360-degree tiny Theta captures everything around you at once there no need for a view find3er to frame the shot. It’s very much a point and shoot camera but without the need for much pointing.

Such spherical panoramas are nothing new and are often created by taking the multiple photos and combining them later in a stitching application.

I used it by myself using a DSLR and a fish eye lens and it takes withe a lot of practice and of course, this method is not use at all for video.

The Ricoh Theta greatly simplifies the panoramic capture process by reducing it to0 a single button press.

This device itself is very simple and there are only two buttons in addition to the shutter release, a wireless button to enable the transfer of fires over WI-FI and a power switch button. There is also a USB 2.0 port for a fixed connection and a standard tripod mount.


Smartphone support

The Ricoh Theta also comes with apps which allow you to control the camera remotely from your smartphone.

This feature adds the ability to go beyond the automatic mode and select the ISO priority or select shutter priority option as well as dialing in manual exposure compensation.

Theta S also gives you the option to shoot stills and videos remotely so you can avoid while capturing yourself in the shot. Support is provided for Windows, IOS, Mac OSX and Android.

Any firmware updates have to be done via a desktop version of the application.


Further expanding the possibilities of 360° photography.

Equipped with even more advanced functions.


Share all the surprises of the world of video in real time.

360° images can now be streamed live!



Check the exposure and white balance while shooting using the dedicated smartphone app.



Shutter speed can be set from 1/6400 sec. to 60 seconds



Still images: (L) Approx. 1600, (M) approx. 9000. Video (total recording time): (L) approx. 65 minutes, (M) approx. 175 minutes *4


  • *2 Dual fish-eye output, when connected by USB
  • *3 when RICOH THETA S basic app is used
  • *4 Automatic shut down if the internal temperature increases



RICOH THETA S is very compatible with the Google Street View app which enables you to publish and record 360 photos to Google Maps. Join the people from around the world in mapping and exploring the new spaces with RICOH and Google.

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