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10 Samsung Gear 360 Tips & Tricks

10 Samsung Gear 360 Tips & Tricks

The time of 360-degree camera is finally upon us. The globe-like devices are able to take videos and capture the best images around you and allow you to quickly take immersive shots, unlike anything which ever been available before.


Samsung Gear 360-degree camera is at the forefront of the 360- camera revolution. This Samsung device is a little larger than a golf ball and it is able to capture video at an almost 4K resolution and also take a photo with 30-megapixel photos, outperforming many other consumer cameras. This 360-degree camera device also come in affordable price which is just $350 ,the device is also an affordable way for average consumers to get started shooting their own immersive videos.


Once you take a snap or record a video with this camera, you can upload them to YouTube, Facebook or other 360-social networking sites, where viewers can get deeply engaged with the view of your surroundings. Even better the videos are also compatible with virtual reality headset such as Samsung Gear VR

. With the help of these headsets a person could watch a video which you have taken and have and experience that makes them feel like the might be right beside you while you are capturing the view.


IF you are buying a 360-degree camera for yourself, below are best tips on how tp get most out of your 360-degree camera experience. The tips are related with the Samsung Gear 360-degree camera, however if you have another 360 camera, many of the same tips will apply as well.


Get Adventurous   

360-degree cameras are still new for peoples so they are still discovering how to best use them. Do not be afraid to try something new with you 360-degree cameras. Once you have got a monopod and you are become master of it then why not try out something new like a Gorilla of with camera? These special designed tripods can wrap around a tree, fence post and more to offer a unique perspective for your photos and videos. If you want to capture literal a birds-eye view then you can easily attach the camera to a tree branch.



Get a Better Tripod

The Samsung Gear 360 comes with the attachment of a tripod which can be great for taking small tabletops shots, but can prove to be problematic if you can plan on shooting videos or taking pictures in situations where you do not get a plane surface. Since this camera record a 360-degree video and captures a 360-degree image you always want to use a tripod with it so you are not holding the camera when it snaps a shot.

On a basic level you want to buy a better monopod for the device. In some cases you can also find that monopod helps to work both as tripod with your Samsung Gear 360 and as selfie-stick for your phone. In some situations like traveling the dual purpose tripod can definitely come in handy. What you are looking for is something that you can adjust is size height anything to take suitable picture. I have this tripod and really enjoy it. The top screws into the camera and it can be sued both as monopod and a tripod with legs that fan out from the side of the stick.


Use the Delay

The one of genius feature of the Gear 360 is delay, a feature that i use literally every time when i used this camera. For same reason you want either use a tripod or hoist the camera above you had you will want to use the delay on the Samsung Gear 36 whenever you take a photo or shoot a video. The reason is very simples you do not have a video or picture of you trying to take a picture or shoot a video

Since this camera is capturing a 360-degree image, if you not use they delay feature than the beginning of the video will essentially be you holding your phone trying to start the camera. No one want to see that

OK, maybe you do but i assure you the freshness will wear off. With the feature of using delay you can set the camera up make sure everything is perfect t, so start recording then put your phone away before anything starts recording. IT makes everything look at it more realistic even if you know the pic is coming. The Gear 360 gives your finished product a much more polished look.


Hold the Camera above You

Holding the camera above you is one of those tips which seem to be so obvious after you hear it, but it’s not something you would think about without being told to do it. The thing is with the Samsung Gear 360 the camera is always recording all around it, like if you are holding the camera in front of your face and you might like most other camera  that means the half of the video will be an up close and personal look at the side if your face.

Not exactly an optimal experience but it happens when especially you are using a VR headset to view the video later on.

One of the better moves is to hoist the camera over your head while recording a video or using tripod and are controlling the camera from a distance. Its recording will show just slightly above the top of your head which later when you view your recorded video, your viewer will feel they were essentially you in the shoot, although slightly taller. In the end lists much better viewing experience and something i definitely recommended.


Take More Photos

It can be tempting to shoot lots of video with the Samsung Gear 360, and you can but before that you should consider whether the situation calls for a video or if a picture will do. Before you shoot ask should this really be a video? Photos are smaller to upload and can be great when you want to show a particular scene and like a garden to friends on Flick or Facebook. When you shoot a video instead and it can be difficult for the viewers to explore. Plus inevitably you will end up by capturing something in the shot you wish you had not which will distract people watching the video.

Easy Does It

It’s very important to keep your hand steady while you are recording a video. With Samsung 360 video which is even more important, especially if you plan on viewing the video later by using a VR headset. In general, i recommend trying to not move around too much while you are recording the video with a Gear 360.

With the 360 video, even your small movements can 9ofetr seeing much larger than it looks which means while you think you are walking through a museum rather steadily holding the camera, the person later watch the video he can feel like they are riding a rollercoaster through the museum rather than taking a leisurely stroll. So try and be as relaxed when moving the camera and use a tripod whenever you can. The more relax and steadier you are, the more watchable your video will be happier on.


Create a Time-lapse Video

Time-lapse videos are conceivable one of the interesting feature of the Gear 360’s (aside from you know recording a video of 360-degree). The videos are actually a number of still photos which captured by the device that are stitched together to form a cohesive video.

If you want to create your own 360-degree Time-lapse video, tap on the mode and select the mode within the Gear 360 app on your pone and then select Time-lapse option. From there you can set the amount of time between all photos. Time range start from half second and a full minute so you can experiment with different options. Something like a time lapse of skyline might be fine with a photo every minute. So if you are trying to capture a time-lapse of a party for instance then you will select time lapse of few seconds to take a snap.


Download the App

Now technically you don’t need to download Gear 360 app to use the Gear 360 camera, but you should download it. This app will give you the ability to do thing like a photo shot remotely, but it also has another bonus added with it. Stitching together the videos and photos on the fly. When i shoot an amazing 360-degree picture, I want to immediately share it with others. Through the app you can make that happens fairly quick.

Get a Bigger Memory Card

Speaking of downloading the Gear 360 app which helps to share the video which you are recording while using the Gear 360, you will have to transfer them to your phone so the app can do its thing. For that you are going to need space lots of it. Do yourself a favor and max out of the memory your phone can handle, definitely out will appreciate it down the line .Something like a 128GB or 256GB micro SD card which will up your storage and you have on your device by using the camera out in the world much more pleasant.


Use Just One Camera

The Samsung Gear 360 degree camera uses a front and rear-facing fisheye lens which capture 360-degree pictures. Each of these lenses support 190-degree resolution which makes a 360-degree picture. When you need to use both camereas for capturing fully immerse photo, you can also use the option to use just the front or back camera to take a shot. In that case the resulting image would look similar to what you might capture using a fisheye lens on a traditional DSLR.

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