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5 reasons you should buy a 360-degree camera

360-degree cameras are changing the way we look at the world – literally! So why should you pick one up?


If you want to capture the reality in fully interactive way then you should go for a 360-deee camera and you can capture your reality in a fully immersive, allowing people to experience what’s it’s like to be in the bottom of ocean. What’s it like to fly a jet or be in a crazy crowd at the super bowl!, and so much more

Besides capturing the stunning videos and photographs, what else can 360-degree cameras be used for and why are they worth spending money on?

There are a ton of reasons why you should own a 360-degree camera here are the best five reasons.


  • Cost
  • Easy-to-use
  • Wide Selection
  • Convenience
  • Multiple uses


Costs are starting to come down

Some of 360-degree cameras can be a wee bit expensive- Nokia’s OZO cost you around $60,000 and there much much less expensive options available out there.

Surely you won’t find a phenomenal 360-degre camera for less than $100 but think what are you getting and when you are looking to buy a camera like this!.Spending extra money on a higher quality piece of equipment is the way you go so you can capture nearly real-life footage in the clearest ways possible.


Now you can find a good range of 360-degree cameras for less than $800 which still shoot the amazing photographs and flawless videos .The LG’s 360-degree Camera cost you less than $200 and have rave reviews online about the cameras’ photo and video quality , while 360Fly captures incredible 360-degree footage in one convenient which cost you just $400 wireless little ball.

Complicated in the simplest way: They’re easier to use than you think


Figuring out the whistles and bells on a DSLR or even with phone photography can be a bit of a pain in the butt. If you are not a pro or simply do not have time tyo become a super expert with whatever you are shooting with. 360-Degree camera has two lenses and each lens support 190-degree

Mostly 360-degree cameras are very simple to setup and start using but despite that what you may think. Some even have one or two buttons and that’s it for capturing the footage.

Now the technology gets very advanced and intimidating the way these cameras work is raiser and easier to figure out on your own.

For example the Giroptic 360-degree camera has simple five step set up and you can clearly break down the buttons, charging and other important thing which you need to know about. It’s straight forward to shoot with despite complicated technology it uses to work


Now no headches involves the 360-degree cameras come with simple installation.


Some are small and portable

Most 360-degree camera are tiny, wireless and very easy to store an diary around by making them the perfect hassie0free tool to have in your arsenal. While big DSLR cameras require lenses storage, microphone and all your other gear, small 360-degree camera like the Ricoh Theta S which is perfect for quick shooting and storage because its inky about 5 inches tall.


You don’t have to worry about setting up big rigs or scrambling to setup the gear to catch the perfect shot anymore.

36-degree camera is portable and inconspicuous enough to be setup almost anywhere.


Browse, browse, browse: There’s a huge selection to pick from

A couple of years ago there might have been only few handful options for good quality 360-degree camera but now a days where science advanced so much so you can browse a huge variety of 360-degree camera and pick up the best you like.

Almost every 360-degree camera out there has its specialty and does something different from the next one, which means you can really do your search and pick from dozens of options, rather than two or three.

Looking for a great action/sport 360-degre camera?

Check out the shock and dustproof and waterproof V360 OR 360-FLY cameras. Want a camera which shoots flawless video for your live stream? Why not pick up the Bublcam? Or you want a super simple point and shoot 360-degree pocket cam? Then the Ricoh Theta S which might be the best way to go.

Whatever you need, there’s sure to be a 360-degreee camera for you.

Get creative: There are a ton of uses for a 360 camera

The best part about these cameras is being able to share easily and you have a plenty of variety to choose from Facebook, YouTube and others sites like Flickr or Ricoh’s own website if you use the Ricoh Thetis S

But beside that you do not need to to use a 360-degree camera for ust capturing incredible and flawless footage and photography, there are some other creative ways in which you can use a camera like this in your daily life routine.

The Giroptiv 360-degree cameras has a light bulb adapter which is available for just $79 and make it the perfect security camera to use at home. Just crew in the camera to any light fixture its fits in and use you r phone to check in on your house when you are out of town or on vacations

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