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What is 360-Degree Camera

What is 360-degree camera?

In photography, a 360-degree camera can be a simple camera with the ability to capture a 360-degree field of view in the horizontal plane or a camera with a visual field of the entire sphere.

Such cameras are a highly appreciated in detail when large visual field coverage os desired such as in robotics or panoramic photography.




360-degree video is typically recorded video by using a dedicated camera that contains multiple camera lenses embedded in to the device or by using a special rig of multiple cameras and filming overlapping angles simultaneously.

A method known as video stitching, this separate footage which is merged together into one spherical video piece, and the contrast if color o each shot is calibrate to be consistent with the others.

A 360-degree video is typically formatted in an equirectangular projection and either monocarpic with one image directed to the both eyes and viewed as two distinct images directed individually to each eye for a 3D effect.

360-degree video is typically viewed via personal computers, mobile devices such as smartphones or dedicated head-mounted displays. User can play by clicking the video or dragging it.


Overview of 360-Degree Cameras

Most camera has a field view that ranges from a few degree to almost 180 degree and it implies that such camera have the ability to capture the light falling onto their focal points through a sphere.

A 360-degree camera covers a full sphere contrary and the ability to capture light falling from mostly all direction on the focal point. In actual application mostly 360-degree camera can cover a full sphere along with the equator but with the exclusion of top and bottom sphere.

Sphere should be cover fully, including the top and the bottom ,the rays will not meet at a single focal point.


Applications of 360-Degree Cameras


360-degree camera developed more advanced things as the time passes they get more advanced also this camera have awide range of application and as the continue other usage are being invented with every rising of the sun. Following are some of the most renowned application of 360-degree omnidirectional cameras:



Robotics and Computer Vision

360-degree camera is also used in robotics to solve concurrent localization dn mapping as well as for visual odometer. With this ability to capture 1 360-degree field of view, better optical flow view are leaded by 360-degree camera which feature matching and feature selection in robotics.


Panoramic Art

Before the arrival of 360-degree omnidirectional cameras, the panoramic photography involves the stitching shots which are taken from different angles into one shot. This kind of stitching was computationally intensive and quality of final shot was not guaranteed due to various deficiencies which are characterized the whole process.

360-degree can be used to create video in real time or take a panoramic image, without the need of stitching or further processing and still providing the high quality results.



With 360-degree photography and video are now getting more engraved in the industry , now less expensive and more powerful 360-degree cameras are expected to enter the market. With all the available option, choosing the perfect one may be overwhelming and the ones listed above should point you towards the right direction.

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