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Best Bluetooth Earpiece

Best Bluetooth Earpiece of 2017

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2017

Now with the new wireless headphones with integrated microphone compete for your valuable wear real estate. Bluetooth headsets are not quite as pervasive as they once before. However there were still plenty of reasons for why you might want a dedicated Bluetooth headset which you can easily process while driving your car or doing other necessary things which make your life easier than ever before. For one these devices have ultra-portable and offers you great long lasting battery timing for long day use.

Best Bluetooth Earpiece

A Bluetooth headset can also help you to perform your test easily and answer calls on multiple phones. Another good use of Bluetooth headset is vast GPA direction by making them a great car companion. You can also use them to listen music as long as music does not have strong stereo separation.

You can find a number of great headset options there but which one is best is best for you and suits you perfectly depend upon the factor like size, battery life call quality and price. Bluetooth headset make your work more easier and we have done some homework for you and chooser the best 10 headsets for you either to waste your time we already selects what’s suits you because equality matters not the quantity


  1. Plantronics Voyager Legend
    Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2017
    Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2017


As its name suggests, the Voyager Legend from Plantronics is one of the most recognized Bluetooth headsets available. It is compact, long-lasting, and it sets the bar for usability.The Voyage’s headsets are one of the easiest headsets to use. Once your headset has been initially paired with your phone, it will automate a number of functions for you.

Its smart sensor allows it to automatically answer calls when you take the headset out of your pocket. It will also redirect audio back to your phone if you put it down.The Voyager also has voice recognition technology, which allows you to make simple voice commands like “answer” or “ignore.”

Phone calls quality is so nice through the earpiece, and outgoing audio is crystal clear thanks to noise cancelling powered by three separate mics.

The Voyager has enough battery for seven hours of talk time, plus you can also buy a magnetic battery case that holds enough charge for an additional fourteen hours of use. Note that the charging connector is a proprietary system, so be sure not to lose the cable.


Overall, the Voyager Legend is a headset that can go with you anywhere, making it one the best hands free choices for a businessperson on the go.


Let’s start first with the design somewhat bulky but lighter than it seems and it sports a big bulky compartment behind the ear which hold the battery and volume rocker power on/off button on charging port.

Secondly the other buttons are on the other half of the headset on the microphone arm which provides the features like voice key and still below the arm near the edge call button also sit at the same corner of microphone arm and on the other side of convenience these headsets are great to be used with glasses. Plantronics look extra care for your glasses would not be able to mess up with your chatting experience.

Noise cancellation and Audio Quality:

Plantronics is the best brank which is known for its headset to provide far superior audio quality and noise cancellations technology than any other brand which is available in the market and same went with this boy .In order to take the noise cancellation and sound clarity to the next level .

The Plantronics used 3 microphones which they call Triple-Mic Noise cancellation  technology and according to this Plantronics technology ot can separate your voice from 80dB of background noise which sound like tempting and i feted it on a bike, in a packed market place and windy conditions and i found it does well what it says and it cannot remove all that  noise kind of noise which we face in packed market place or Highly windy condition obviously but upon asking from other people on the other side of call they were like Noise? What noise?

Sure they did noticed a bit of noise but not much noticeable quantity so i am glad what i got

Audio Quality:

The Plantronics voyager Legend uses the Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect with different devices to provide the superior signal nd the best quality and less signal loss so they claim that they improved ot further wide-band audio support

But at the end it is the overall experience which matter

I should mentioned the extra silicone gel tips of different sizes which comes with the headset only but one which felt comfortable was the stock one which came attached with the headset. Other feature also include the voice recognition ,accepting ,rejecting or making calls using the voice command and without even touching the headset


The only disadvantage for few people turned out to be its charging port the one reason is that it is not what you expect and it’s not a micro-USB charging port but a unique magnetic conenctor which rturns out and didnot proved to be good .

For some people as few customers on amazon complained about it not so powerful magnetic ability which causes it falls off from the port on the headset while charging periodically which look like a minus point but if you are really ready to make this trade off then you are going to enjoy plethora of other feature and sincerely speaking i myself never had an issue with its charging connector may be it happens to some people but not every user so i guess it’s a hot and miss situation



Voice recognition

Powerful noise cancelling

7 hours of talk time



Proprietary charging cable

Charging case/stand sold separately

Notification voice can be overly chatty

2. Sennheiser PrTop 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2017esence Bluetooth Headset


For those who cringe at the thought of digitally under sampled audio, the Sennheiser Presence will stand out among the competition. This headset is one of the best sounding headsets available, offering HD sound for you and your caller.


The features which set this headset apart are really its advanced multi-mic noise reduction, and its earpiece protection from sudden volume surges. The latter feature comes in handy, too. The volume on the Presence is quite impressive.


For all of these fantastic audio features, the Sennheiser Presence is quite a bit larger than other headsets. Yet it is still plenty comfortable to wear.


Furthermore, the larger choices allow it to fit a battery rated for over ten hours of talk time. As with all wireless headsets, this also promises an absurd amount of standby time.


The controls are easy to learn, and you will have no trouble operating the Presence. The headset is powered on and off by simply sliding the boom to the appropriate position. The headset also recognizes several voice commands.


Since a Bluetooth headset can sit in your ear canal all day, it is definitely reasonable to opt for the best sounding quality. Just don’t forget, phone calls can only sound so good, and that alone will make many unwilling to drop over $100 on this accessory.


But if you have the extra cash and spend a lot of time on the phone, the Sennheiser Presence will take your calls to the next level.





Noise reduction and hearing protection

10 hours of talk time

Versatile and comfortable fit



High price tag

Somewhat bulky design

Does not announce caller ID

3. Jabra MotionTop 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2017


The Jabra Motion is an ultra-compact headset which offers you some unique functions for the power user, and connects to your devices seamlessly with either Bluetooth or NFC.


the Motion has a fold-in boom that makes it easy to store in a pocket when not in use, and has a motion sensor that not only auto-answers calls when put up to your ear, but also auto-adjusts its volume for your environment in which you are present which is the best quality of this headset.


If you instead prefer to use voice commands a number of them are available. This headset also talks back, providing battery life information when powered on, and providing caller names when receiving calls.


There are also hand touch commands, by making it easy to redial the last number, or accept and reject calls. The one troublesome control is volume, which uses a finicky touch panel.


The behind-ear design can be worn over either ear. You can easily adjust the height of the speaker tower for the best fit.One downside to the form factor of this lightweight headset is that the plastic design doesn’t hold up well to rough use. You won’t want to jam this one into your pocket all the time, or you will risk breaking it.


The battery life offers seven hours of talk time, but note that this headset does not ship with the latest firmware. You will need to plug it into a PC via its included micro-USB cable and update it for maximum battery performance.Most importantly, this headset’s mic captures crisp and clear audio. The passive noise cancelling does a fantastic job, even in a car with the windows down.

The different control interfaces can take some getting used to, but those who value flexibility and audio quality above all else will be highly satisfied with the Jabra Motion.





Motion sensor technology automatically answers calls and adjusts volume

Provides battery life and caller information without taking phone out

Crisp, clear call quality with noise cancellation



Needs a firmware upgrade out of the box

Volume control hard to use

Flimsy plastic material



Even if nothing else impresses you about the HAVIT HV-H961BT, its low price will be the reason it earns your recognition. But aside from being only $15, it is a sturdy and comfortable headset that offers many convenient functions.


The earpiece is light weighted and small so it’s easy to carry in pocket, but those with larger ear canals will need the included ear hook to keep it from falling out.Its wireless Bluetooth 4.1 connection is solid, and enables connection to two devices at once. Connecting devices is simple thanks to the HAVIT’s simple two button setup.

The answer call button can be used to enter pairing mode if not already paired. Otherwise, it allows you to answer a call (or reject it by long-pressing), plus invoke Siri if you aren’t receiving a call.

Incoming audio sounds is so clear and nice, although max volume is somewhat low. Outgoing audio is of decent quality as well. Its noise cancelling isn’t top of the line, but helps alleviate the fuzziness of a call on a windy day.

This Bluetooth headset provides an excellent battery long life which gives you thirteen of call time, and with all of these features considered, it can almost make you feel silly for wanting to spend any more than $10 for a functional Bluetooth headset.




Low price

Simple yet effective controls



Low earpiece volume

Does not offer a tight fit

So-so audio quality

AYL Bluetooth Headphones
AYL Bluetooth Headphones

5. AYL Bluetooth Headphones


I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t I say earlier that a headset is preferred over a pair of Bluetooth headphones? Well, to be clear, it is still a viable option in some situations.


Typically, your headphones’ the Bluetooth headset quality often takes precedence over its mic quality, but the AYL Bluetooth headphones offer solid audio input and output for a reasonable price.


This headset has ear fittings built to stay in while running, so you will have no trouble keeping them in your Just keep in mind that it is illegal in most state to drive with headphones in, and likewise, can be dangerous to occupy both ears while walking.


On the plus side though, these headphones have an above-average battery life that offers seven hours of talk time. Also, a pair of headphones is definitely a more versatile tool.


Given the upsides and downsides that using a full headset offers, you will know immediately if a pair of headphones will work for your headset needs and if it doesn’t, then no problem. We’ve got plenty more awesome headsets to suggest.




Solid noise cancellation

Great earpiece sound quality

7 hours of talk time



Microphone not as nice as dedicated headsets’

Covering both ears while driving can be dangerous


Motorola Boom HX600
Motorola Boom HX600

6. Motorola Boom HX600

The Boom HX600 is Motorola’s newest wireless headset, which offers notable improvements in call quality and usability over previous models. This headset comes with two different hooks and two different flat earpieces.

The headset is lightweight and small, although a little bulky, and has a flip-out microphone that serves as a power button. While fun to use, this extra area of articulation can break with rough use, so should be treated carefully.

You can easily answer the call by putting it out from your pocket, or use the easily accessible call button. Call quality is fantastic, and its noise reduction is on par to multi-mic cancellation setups on pricier headsets. You can also long press to involve Series for voice commands.

The battery life of this headset offers you  a decent 6 hours of talk time, and a tri-color LED provides an unobtrusive way to measure charge. Likewise, the Bluetooth performance is impressive, allowing you to roam up to three hundred feet away from your phone and pair via NFC.

All in one, the Boom offers are its great features at a reasonable price, and as long as you don’t mind its unique foldout design, make for a great middle of the road option for users.

Overview and features:

Motorola’s try to get into the headset market and capture the attention of an average consumer and according to our experience with the headset and reviews i have ever read online is they did a pretty decent join and this headset do not offer the most appealing aesthetics in the market but it does the job by adding the decision of adding a flip open/close microphone hand for switching it on/off seems to be a good decision as it is much easier than reaching out for the button itself. Call attend/drop button on the face and volume rocker on the side of the headset to help and maintain the minimalist design. The design for smartphones is pretty good at what it promises improving the performance and functionality of the headset and on the other aspect of audio quality the Motorola did a great job and the headset features 2 microphones for noise cancellation and the output audio is going to the right person on the other side of the call is also very impressive.


Battery life and verdict:

According to our usage test i concluded the battery time is around 6 hours on average which is compared with other high-ends headset in the market which is much better battery performances i have ever seen another big feature is the display of its battery on the connected smartphone which makes it very easy to know how much juice you got left and it also yells you in earpiece by speaking the remaining battery level each time you turn the headset on or warn you when the battery is low

Audio Quality, Battery Life and features:

The audio quality us good by keeping the microphone for noise cancellation in the mind of the person at the other end of calls confirmed the clear audio and the voice at my end was fairly good. The search about its review are prior to buying it  read the mixed reviews few people had the problems and other had really good time so well till the time i bought it and find out myself that a firmware update has resolved many problems and others had really good time  some customers are facing and upon receiving it i am glad that it performs well the audio is good, design is good and it packs a few features which are missing from few top of the line Bluetooth headset .

one feature i missed in few top of the line headsets is the battery indication feature for smartphones and this the headset packs that feature which is too the priice point and i am impressed.

The battery life impressed me too and i thought i was going to get 4 hours of talk time but i got longer battery time and get almost 6-7 hours of straight talk time from this headset which is a great feature. Another feature is the integration with the smartphones assistant like the Google or siri for the voice command The caller if of the user is received when i received a call is great and i can attend or reject the cal without touching headset is just by using the voice commands which really help me out and this feature attract the people more .



Clear call quality with noise reduction

NFC pairing and long distance Bluetooth connections

Lightweight and comfortable design



Somewhat bulky form factor

Flip-out boom is not durable


Plantronics Explorer 50
Plantronics Explorer 50

7. Plantronics Explorer 50


The new Plantronics’ Explorer 50 headset device that does not carry the prestige of their Voyager Legend, this lower priced option carries a lot of the same marks of quality for a fraction of the price.

This headset is lightweight and offers an ergonomic fit that works in either ear, even though some users report that the ear tip pokes too roughly into their ear.

The Explorer 50 Bluetooth headset offers you an impressive eleven hours of talk time. This is appreciated, as calls have crystal clear audio, and aside from the headset being too quiet for very busy settings, you will want to use it all the time.

Noise cancellation is pretty solid, and you will rarely have issues with wind or background noise bleeding into your microphone.The headset has handy button controls for power, calls, and volume, plus a mute function which has a variety of uses. Unfortunately, they don’t feel distinct, so you will need to get used to their positions.


You will be missing out on some more premium features by going with a budget option, but for its price, the Explorer 50 is an all-star headset that will meet the needs of most.


Aesthetics and Audio Quality

Tiny in size and having all the buttons i needed to know if am physically preforming the certain action i.e switching it on/off or adjusting the volume which is yet so small in size that one of the reviewers on amazon shared that he is using the small pill bottle as a case for the headset.

It will never tried that myself obviously and now this device features all the physical buttons you need and power on/off button volume rocker and call the button nothing much special and the audio quality of this device is worth the appreciation i was impressed with the noise and the cancellation in other high end models of Plantronics like Voyager legend but they took it on another level at this price point so i can explain you about the noise cancellation and clarity by rating it 7 on the sake 1-10 its that good and i never needed to yell to make my voice audible to the person on the other end of the call.

Battery life and verdict:

I have never seen such a long battery life in the tiny size in my whole life and other tiny headset such as Jabra stealth packs serious amount of battery timing too  but they never as  any longer than 4-5 hours however his devices can last long as 7 hours and that is some serious performance right here




Solid noise cancelling

11 hours of talk time

Low price



Low earpiece volume

Buttons don’t feel distinct

Some find the design uncomfortable

 Jabra Talk
Jabra Talk

8. Jabra Talk

Jabra’s Talk may be their new entry level Bluetooth headset, but this durable and compact device which offers you a majority of the features that might draw you to their top of the line Jabra Motion headset.This version gets an equivalent six hours of battery life, and its on-the-ear design is considered by many to be more comfortable for heavy use. Both the headsets have also the feature of noise cancellation for calls.


Controls are easy to use, with buttons to change volume and answer, end, or reject calls. There are also button chains for activating voice dialing and redialing the last number.One downside is that the call button is placed in a way that it is almost impossible to not accidentally click when you put the headset on.

As can be expected from Jabra, the earpiece quality is excellent. This makes this headset a great candidate for getting Google Maps directions, or even streaming audio on a commute.Whatever you’re using it for, the Jabra Talk is likely to impress. If your budget is tight, give this sturdy little headset a try.




Clear audio quality

Light and durable

Low Price



Annoying volume up/down beep

Limited voice controls

Awkward call button placement

Jawbone ERA
Jawbone ERA

9. Jawbone ERA


This headset is a stretch to include, as it can no longer be purchased new, but it is still coveted by advanced call takers all over for a good reason. The Era is considered the greatest of Bluetooth headsets.

Its included ear fittings are parallel to none, and this compact headset is one of the lightest you’ll wear. The controls are easy to use and support some voice features as well.Call quality is great, and on your end, you have the choice of Noise Assassin technology by blocking out background noise as you talk.

One downside is that the headset only offers four hours of call time on its own. Thankfully, you will see many versions which you will find online still come with their pocket-sized charging case, which can add an additional ten hours of call time to your day.

If you can find a refurbished Jawbone Era in good condition, it should be an instant purchase. But in the case that you can’t, there’s a distinct possibility that we may have witnessed the end of an Era.


As we said earlier it comes in 4 different types of colors and the look and feel of the product is quite premium which comes in a small design that look discreet but its colors do a bit of show off and one of the best Ear Gel i have experienced so far as it sits in your ear nice and perfectly tight.

So you can wear it and talk to a friend of listen to the music and forget if its even there and because if that Ear Gel suits perfectly the noise assassination features which work better than the previous model of jawbone Era and because its nib is constantly touching my face and obviously of that its audio quality is imporved.

On the back side of this headset sits a micro USB port fot the charging purposes and its design is so minimal that it can only packs two button  one multifunction button at the back and alongside the charging port and another one for on and off facing towards you face


Audio Quality

The one the biggest plus points of this iny device is that it able to deliver that great noise cancellation and crispy sound because of the improved Noise assassination 4.0 feature  and i can talk through this even when i am riding a bike or in windy situation where any other headset in this price range would fail to deliver this crisp-clear audio quality.

Now if you are the guy who is having this kind of problem having good fit of that Ear Gel so you should try greeting it worked out because it doesn’t fits in your ear properly and with the heplp of nib noise assassination feature staying in touch of your face and you will get out of touch frequently and you can experience not so great audio quality


Battery Life:

One of the con and reason why i included this is because of its battery life selection which is short and the average battery life is almost 4 hours which is a big downfall for power users who want a headset for long phone calls and another thing which came out as a surprise is that the battery life goes down to almost half and if you listen to the music or any audio book on it . So if you are a guy who like to listen to music or audio book this one is not for you.


Other Features:

This headset pack with few great features like the smartphone app through which you can customize the usage experience of this headset and just like that i tried ti set cakk button up for my Google Now for better voice commands to control my phone and o other stuff and it worked great




Included charging case

Compact and lightweight

Excellent noise cancellation



Discontinued by manufacturer

Headset battery life could be better

Toorun M26 Bluetooth Headset
Toorun M26 Bluetooth Headset

10. Toorun M26 Bluetooth Headset


If your criteria for a good piece of gear include the words “simple” and “cheap,” then the Toorun M26 Bluetooth Headset is a great option for you. At about $16, this headset offers some of the best bang for your buck.


This unobtrusive headset has a rather simple ear hook and on-ear speaker design, with easy access to controls. 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity is fairly quick, but can cut out briefly if you are any farther from your phone than you need to be.


Sound quality is fair for the price, but despite this headset advertising noise cancellation, there really isn’t any to be found. The max volume is acceptable.This earpiece audio is fine for the price, but even at max, the volume tends to be a little low. On the other hand, outgoing audio sounds fine and have some basic noise cancelling to enhance your voice clarity.

This headset offers about five hours of call time, and a handy LED to track remaining charge. If you find it hard to justify dropping almost $100 on a headset, the Toorun M26 is going to stand out for its no-frills efficiency.




Low price

Easy to pair

Comfortable and snug fit



Limited Bluetooth range

Poor noise cancellation


Plantronics Voyager 5200

Plantronics Voyager 5200
Plantronics Voyager 5200



The Plantroni Voyager 5200 looks a lot more like wat you might expect a Blueetooth headset to look like and it won;t win any award when it come to design but it’s quality is good than other headsets. The Voyager 5200 hooks around the ear and you won’t need to worry too much aout failing off which is great for those that fast placed lives and the design whihch is completed by small microphone arm which is noticeable but not overly large.
Plantronics says that this device should last up to seven hours on a single charge so we suggest being a little conservative and estimating around 5-6 hours which is not still bad. Like the Era the Voyager 5200 also has an optical charging case which grants the device two extra charges.


As we talk earlier the feature is a minimal design and style-ish and look normally like by the general audience and with that minimal look it packs a few energizer feature ike sensor and multiple buttons for making calls and triggering to specially predefined functions like Sri/Google now or its own vocie command that provide the user with the total hands free control and to feature the volume rocker and charging port on the back side of the headset the one non-micro USB point is below the microphone arm which functions as charging overt when docked inside the charging dork it self and on the other hand the other buttons include a power of on/off button and a button to make the calls and another for special features as i said earlier  which looks perfectly decent while you are wearing it and yeah if you are not into the black color and you can try from many other colors.

Voice Quality

The one of the best thing of this headphones is that it need no noise assassins  nib to touch your face like Era to make good calls with handsome noise cancellation quality and i have used them both for hours on hone and when i questioned the person i called about which one was better the vote went straight in the favor of the edge and i was pretty amazed because it was able to do this better by just using its triple mic array and not another added technology like Era as for music i do not really bother to listen music on a mono headset.

The other buttons include a power on/off button and a button which make to calls and another for special features as i said earlier look perfectly decent while you are wearing it and if you are not into black color you can try from many other colors

Battery life and other Features

Keeping that minimal design battery life is pretty good with almost 6 hours of talk time with full charge and 7 days of standby  but with this case the talk time gets extended to 16 hours which is pretty good and compared with others competitors in the price range and the other big feature which let you handle the calls in literally a hand freeway which you can accept or reject  or amy redial the last number by just saying the related command simple as that there headset pack a lot of sensors which help it to identify and if yiu are using it or it is sitting in the case which helps you to use lit in mire efficient way. So let me give you example your phone is connected to this specific headset or any other headset  now if you are using any other Bluetooth headset and you can get a call you really do not want or use the headset for the call so you will have to go into setting and change the routine of voice to the phone.





Jabra Steel 
Jabra Steel

Jabra Steel 

The next one on our list is Jabra steel whic has a very simple and straightforward design and it’s a two and half inches long with an optional ear ook which hold it in oeace and it scores a good rating which means it can handle the rain and dusty environments making it deal for anyone working outdoors and there are extra large button so you can operate it even with gloves om which it support the voice command for hand free operation through your phones voice assistant

Design and Voice Quality:

Jabra steel is tiny and lightweight and the only weight it carries is at the base so people had some bad experience with this headset by having too much weight on the microphone arm and wikll find this one more balanced in term of weight so now what i found is all about the grip after using it for few weeks is that is not as easy as other bulky device we had before so to drop it out of your ear by shaking your head even without an ear-loop and just sticks there because if its balanced and less weigh and i can walk or sits on my couch working even when i am not taking to anyone and it doesn’t feels like i have Bluetooth headset in my ear and coming towards aesthetics this headset look like littered stealth device and with that call/end  button at the end if the headset which needs light tap for functioning and a power on/off button behind the microphone arm

Jabra needed to make the small sacrifice in order to achieve this tiny design and they made that which dedicated volume up/down button which would be considered a downside if you prefer dedicated volume button and a dedicated button which would active your favorite voice assistant for hands free experience and now coming toward the voice quality it packs some serious business class and microphone tech which just make the noise in the background disappear  and not going into its technical detail let me try to explain what we found out .It does extremely well in terms of cancelling the background noise with the help of noise blackout dual microphone technology which is specific which is specific available in Jabra products only.

while testing the both parties on either side of call were able to hear the voice quality clearly and however only one complaint is regarding its audio is comparatively low volume when i am on call and i do not listen to the music while using Bluetooth headset so i am not so worried about the music but rather i long  for bit high volume in the ear to make it more easily audible and i guess that’s the possible through only by firmware update.

Battery life and other features:

I guess that  i have address the only issue i faced with Jabra steel and now coming to outs battery life i am seriously impressed with how long the battery can last and with this tiny design and i thought it would not last any longer than 3 hours but it impressed me with the talk time of 4-5 hours easily and the other feature include one of the biggest reason and i bought it in the first place which is a dedicated Nano-sized Bluetooth dongle using which i am able to connect tit to the pc or laptop fpr calling through VoIP software’s

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